Architectural Formliners for the Construction Industry

Make an IMPRESSION in Your Concrete!

Professional Formliners for the Construction Industry. Over 100 quality patterns & textures to choose from!

Quality and Selection

Wide selection of formliners. We offer over a hundred standard patterns. If looking for a specific pattern, our craftsman can design and manufacture to your specifications. Our plastic liners are easy to install and strip.


Our liners can detailed for most pre-cast, tilt-up or cast-in-place concrete jobs. We offer five different material compositions, from single use high impact polystyrene plastic to our 100+ reuse premium polyurethane elastomer liners.

One-Stop Convenience

American Formliners provides you with cost and labor savings, while giving you the highest quality products available.

Cost Effectiveness

Let our experienced staff work for you! We rely on our extensive knowledge and skills for create the best form liner for you and your budget. Let our consultants offer you ways to save money on labor and materials and answer any technical questions that you may have.